Tuesday, December 03, 2013


December Haul: National Bookstore

My last semester in school just started last month. And that means, Hello, Accounting Review! thumbs up

I am enrolled in a 5-year BS Accountancy course. So part of our curriculum is this Accounting Review to prepare us in taking the CPA Board Exam.

The review school offers two schedules: weeknights and weekends. I chose the weekends schedule over the weekdays to be able to still have time for my daughter and her studies while reviewing at the same time. See?I am a true Gemini. haha!

So far, so good. A little bit stressful since I am the "great worrier". laughing

And since I'm stressed, I need a little "retail therapy". Lee and I went to SM Molino last night to have dinner and after that, we went to National Bookstore so I can buy my "review supplies".

And here are my purchases:
Envelopes and Portfolios
for my review materials, receipts, etc.etc.
P19.75 - P80.00
Stretch Bookmarks
Colored Pens and Highlighters
P16.75 - P29.75
Cut-Size Plastic Cover
What I love about this product is it was already cut to standard book size making it easier to use.
Twistable Pencil
Gave these to my daughter
Stamp Set
For Althea! :)
Need some things for your homework or projects? National Bookstore have them all! happy

Bye for now. I need to review since we have a quiz on Saturday. studying

Wish me luck dolls! 'Till my next blog post. kiss

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