Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lunch Buffet at Buffet 101, SM By the Bay

Yesterday, May 27, is my birthday. And as a simple way of celebrating it, Lee, Thea and I went for a Lunch Buffet at Buffet 101.

I really wanted to try this not-so-new and popular buffet restaurant near Mall of Asia ever since. I was attracted with the great reviews I have read online, pictures on their Facebook account, their affordable rates compared to other buffet restaurants and of course, on their promise of a 5-star hotel dining experience.

3 weeks before my birth-date, I already made a reservation for 4pax, (Lunch Buffet at their MOA branch) on their Facebook account. Reservation is a must if you want to have a sure spot on the day of your visit. If you don't have a reservation, you have to wait until they have accommodated all of the guests with reservation. Also, they require a minimum of 4pax for reservations. They will reply to your message or wall post to inform you that your reservation is already noted.

Then, the day before your reserved date, they will text you for your confirmation. You need to be there on or before 11:00 AM (for lunch buffet) but not later than 11:30 AM otherwise, your reservation will be cancelled. They give a 15-minute grace period though.

We arrived a little earlier than 11:00 AM but there were already few people outside. You just have to wait for your name to be called then they will usher you to your table.

Waiting for our turn...
Buffet 101 - Buffet Rates
Buffet 101 Interior
I love their chandeliers! I think Lee and I should get one when we already have our own house. :p

We were then ushered to our table. We were seated near the dessert section!
Table no. 50 :)

And now, the star(s?) of this restaurant. ^-^
Salad Station
Different types of salad dressings are also available
I skip the salad section. I think you already know why. But Honey said that the dressing is just O-K.

Carving Station
Aside from those in the pictures, they also have other choices. But my fave are these two. Well, actually, my most favorite out of all the food I ate was the TERIYAKI SAUCE SPARERIBS. ^-^

Pasta and... I forgot. :(

Forgive me if I can't name all the dishes Buffet 101 have. They have plenty that I can't memorize everything!

Sushi Bar
Bread, Cheese and Pizza

Aside from those, they also have Crispy Pata, Tempura which is a real must-try, and more!

Cold Cuts, Seafood, Suahe
Hong Kong Ribs and Hong Kong Sausage
Unlimited Fruit Shake and DIY Halo-Halo
And of course, the dessert section! It makes you feel like a kid again! ^-^
Dessert Section. Never ever skip this section!
They also have cakes from Red Ribbon and more fruits like kiwi and dragon fruit and more desserts. Soft-drinks, Teas, Coffee, Yogurt, draft beer, juices are also free-flowing.

The staffs are nice and accommodating. The place is clean and the ambiance is really of that 5-star hotel. Food and plates are regularly and quickly replenished. The restrooms are also clean. The food were also delicious though some are not that delicious.

Over-all, it's an 8 out of 10. ^-^

If you're looking for a buffet resto near the metro and have affordable rates but good food, try BUFFET 101. They have 2 branches already, one in SM By the Bay (Mall of Asia) and another one in Robinsons Magnolia.

Another thing, they give 5% discount if you pay in cash! They also give a free gift certificate that you can use on your next visit when you dine in  group of 10.

Lastly, since it's my birthday, they gave me a weekday lunch buffet gift certificate that I can use on my next visit. Isn't it nice of them?
Thanks Buffet 101! ^-^
If it's your birthday, just present a valid ID and they'll give you a free Gift Certificate.

Thanks Buffet 101 for the wonderful gastronomic experience! ^-^

Satisfied and Happy ^-^
SM By the Bay
556-2888, 556-3888, 556-9888
Robinsons Magnolia
961-2291, 961-2926, 961-3025

Buffet Rate:
Mon-Fri Lunch P699
Mon-Fri Dinner P950
Sat Lunch P799
Sun Lunch,Sat-Sun Dinner P1050
Kids below 4.5ft are P499.
Kids below 3.5ft are free of charge.
Eat and Drink All You Can!
VAT Inclusive! No service charge!

OOTD: Dainty and Pink

Here's another OOTD post. 

I wore this yesterday on our lunch at Buffet 101. Anyway, it's my birthday so I think I'm allowed to wear something nice and cute. 

Hot Pink Skater Skirt and Dainty Floral corset from Maki Moda (I bought them.)
White Lace Cardigan - from my closet
Cream Doll Shoes - from my closet
HandBag from my Grandmother
Gold Watch from my Mom
Eiffel Necklace from Divisoria

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Postal ID Application in Bacoor City, Cavite

Finally, I've decided na kumuha na talaga ng postal ID. 


Kasi ako lang ata ang 22 years old na walang ibang valid ID maliban sa School ID ko. hahaha! And Postal ID is the easiest valid ID anyone can obtain. 

Here are the requirements for postal ID application in Bacoor City, Cavite (I think these are the standard requirements everywhere.):

  • (Photocopy) NSO Birth Certificate
  • (Photocopy) Barangay Clearance
  • 3 pcs 2x2 ID Picture in white background (Note: You MUST be wearing something with collar on your picture.)
  • Cedula
  • (Photocopy) Marriage Contract - if married
  • Postal ID Application Form (available at the Post Office)
If you're from Bacoor, the Post Office is in Bayan, Bacoor, in front of St. Micheal the Archangel Parish.

Postal ID fee in Bacoor City is 350 PESOS. You might want to bring extra cash just to be sure, para in case mas mahal yung fee sa post office nyo.

After you passed all the requirements and paid the necessary fee, your Postal ID will be available for pick-up on the next day.  

My Postal ID ^_^ 

Super saya ko. Makukuha ko yung FREE Gift Certificate sa Buffet 101 pag kumain kami dun sa birthday ko. (SRSLY, yan yung main reason bakit ako kumuha ng postal ID ngayon. hahahaha!)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Fun at WaterCamp Resort, Kawit, Cavite

It's my stepdad's birthday today(May 15, 2013)! Happy birthday Tito Jun! Thanks for being nice and a good provider to us. :)

And as a way of celebrating his birthday,yesterday, May 14,2013, we decided to go to WaterCamp Resort at Kawit, Cavite to take a dip and have same fun.

WaterCamp Resort is just few minutes away from our home. It has six, yes, six pools: 160m lazy river, wave pool, children's interactive pool, pool, kidney-shaped pool, dunk pool and adult pool. They also have a mini playground inside.

Bringing of foods are also allowed inside though they have a canteen and few food stalls inside.

The whole resort is clean and well-maintained. There are trees everywhere. The pools and water are also clean, even the restrooms are clean.

Here are the rates for entrance fee, cabanas/tables, and also for their villas, superior rooms and inns for overnight staying guests based on their website:

The resort is open as early as 7AM but you're only allowed to swim from 8AM onwards. It's our second time here and since on our first time, we arrived before 7am at the resort, ang daming tao na agad! So this time, 6:30AM, umalis na kami ng bahay. We reached the resort at around 7:00AM, whew, wala pa masyadong tao. Actually, kami pa lang ata nandun except for the overnight staying guests.

Staffs are very accommodating and nice. In fact, one of the staffs even helped us in inflating our "salbabidas" (life buoy).  (Yes, meron silang available na "air pump" and free to use pa!)

Here's some of our pictures:

My stepdad and her favorite apo 
Family picture ^_^

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! (with Mom-isms!)

Happy Mother's Day to all the great Mommy, Nanay, Mama, Mudra, Ina, Mother Dear, Mom, out there. :)

Let's not forget to thank them and let them feel how much we love them and care for them. Do it not just today but E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y.

Life is short. Love and appreciate your mom as much as you can. And your grandmothers too! :)

"A mother's treasure is her daughter."

And this one hangs on our wall. And me and my brothers are always having a fun time looking at this. We're like, "Ganyan si Mama." and/or "O di ba nasabi na ni Mama yan." 

A closer look:

I know it's kinda hard to read what's written on that. But those are the common things moms are always saying to us.

If you can read it, shout out on the comment box what are those sentences/phrases you already heard from your mom.

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