Saturday, May 04, 2013


Peplum Dress from Ms. Erica of 'D Lil Stuff Shoppe

The weather. It's killing me. It will rain for an hour then the next thing you know, Mr. Sunshine is up again.

Anyway, I just received a parcel from Ms. Erica, and I'm so excited to know what's inside.

Unexpected Parcel ^_^

By the way, she is the owner of 'D Lil Stuff Shoppe, an online shop in Facebook. She sells chic and trendy clothes, gadgets, footwear, and more at a super affordable price.

I already bought a lot of times from her so I can guaranty that she's legit. One of my purchases from her is the red sheertop I wore on one of my OOTD posts. :)

Moving on to the parcel I received, I'm excited to see what's inside. And here's what I found:

Black Peplum Dress ♥
Tadaaa! My first ever peplum dress! And I'm so loving it. I can't wait to wear it soon. ♥
Again, thanks Ms. Erica for this. ♥

Where do you think I can wear this and what shoes and accessories best goes with this chic little black peplum dress, ladies?

Shout it out dolls on the comment box. :)


  1. Definitely with high heels. :>

  2. Oooh pretty dress! I bet you'd look awesome in that. Maybe I should check out their shop. :)

  3. your first ever peplum dress is very nice

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