Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Tiffany Contact Lens from Mikhail Lens Shop

I've just received another parcel today! :)

From Ms. Zerrudo 

And as usual, I'm so excited to open it and see what's inside.

Here's what I found:
Tiffany Contact Lens
Skin Food Trial Packs
Tiffany Contact Lens. Another first, huh? :) I usually wore, graded contact lenses since I'm near-sighted. But on those days when I'm not required to read and solve problems on the whiteboard( hehe), I'll definitely wear this one. Plus, the color and designs is super cute! All the pink lovers should definitely try this one. :)

Tiffany Contact Lens plus Lens Case
Tiffany Latte in Pink
I'll post my picture wearing it one of these days. :)
The seller is very accommodating and very friendly. She's from Cavite and can also do meet-ups as long as it's near her place.

Ms. Zerrudo's online shop in Facebook, Mikhail Lens Shop, sells a wide variety of contact lens like COCKTAIL, TIFFANY, SPARKLE, ELITE AND BERRY CONTACT LENSES. All of these brands are imported and manufactured in Korea. Plus, these are all KFDA approved!

How about the price? Mikhail Lens Shop has a very affordable price on all their lenses. Retail will costs around 300 with lens case depending on the brand. They also offer wholesale price for as low as 195/pair(min. of 10 pairs).

So, if you're looking for a shop that will cater your contact lenses need, check out her shop. Trust me, there's lot of designs and colors to choose from. :)

CONTACT NUMBER:0933-189-2824


  1. I used to wear contact lenses at work but I stopped it when I started sleeping at our office's zen room. Nice color by the way!

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  3. Can you tell me the price of that Tiffany Contact Lens.Is this safety for use at any situation.If not so give me the instruction how to use and at what time.I think this is not suitable when I am going for any fire site.Am I right?

  4. Sooo cute! I love pink and I definitely love the color of your contact lens .
    Also, if you ever want to try using eyeglasses, you should totally check this out. They offer eyeglasses for women which are also cute.
    Anyways, thanks for posting this. ^^

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