Sunday, June 30, 2013

Canon Pixma MP287

Yehey! After months of waiting, we have finally replaced our old printer with a brand new one. Our old printer is already as old as my younger brother, 10 years. Hahaha!

Anyway, my stepdad finally gave in to my request to buy a new one. Since there are already 3 students in our family, me, my younger brother, then my daughter, a printer is a must for us. 

Just today, my step dad gave me the money. I bought a Canon Pixma MP287 at Office Warehouse. It costs 3,495 pesos, black and colored ink cartridges already included plus a 1-year warranty.

What I like about this printer is it is affordable compare to other printers with the same features. It can already print, scan and copy your documents. It can also print HD movie prints and comes with cool software for editing and correcting your photos before you print them out. You can also create photo stickers, collages and even greeting cards! 
easy to use (and understand) control buttons
at the right side
CD for software installation is already included. If you don't have a CD-ROM like me, software and drivers are available for download at their website.

The not-so-ok for me, are its ink cartridges are a little bit pricey compare to other brands and the maximum document size for COPY is LETTER/A4.

Anyway, they have a  new model, Canon Pixma E510 which costs 3,995 pesos. The difference between the two are, E510 has a higher print speed and its ink cartridges are less expensive than the MP287.

They also have other models that come with fax or wireless connection. I guess, for students like me, a copy-print-scan printer is already enough.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Carrot Soap Craze

Carrot Soap has been popular nowadays all over the social networking sites and online markets.

Carrot soap promises a lighter, acne-free skin. It usually contains carrot extract and beta carotene, known as an anti-oxidant and for its anti-ageing properties.

So, to participate in this carrot soap craze, teehee, I bought Organic Carrot by SkinLight, when me and my daughter went to 7-11.

It costs 53 pesos for 2 pieces of 60g bar soap.

Organic Carrot by SkinLight
I started using it last June 18, 2013. I usually take a bath 2-3 times a day and I use this soap for my whole body and face. What I noticed is, my face is not that oily anymore. It is also not as skin-drying and as harsh as Kojic Soap. I'm a kojic user since last year and it really dries my skin. The bar doesn't also melt easily. It's kinda hard unlike Kojic Soap of Beauche and Kojie-San which really melts easily.

In 4 days of using it, that's all I can say for now. I  will update you after 12 more days or so.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Freedom to Fly with Zero Fares

Filipino flyers get a chance to fly to their favourite destinations (local or international) for FREE as part of the launching of Tiger Airways Philippines.  
Tiger Airways offers the freedom to fly 
with the free airfare promo.

“We at Tiger Airways Philippines embrace the simple belief that travel is about bringing people closer to their desires and experiences.  One way of making air travel more accessible is through offerings such as the free fare promo,” says Olive Ramos, President and CEO of Tiger Airways Philippines. 

Flights booked on from June 1 until June 30, 2013 and with travel dates from July 1 to September 30, 2013 can be availed with for free. 

Among the destinations that Tiger Airways Philippines flies to are Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and local destinations such as Clark, Laoag, Bacolod, Kalibo, Cebu, Iloilo, Tacloban, and Puerto Princesa. It has also increased its flight frequency between Manila and Bacolod, and Cebu and Kalibo.

A Singapore to Kalibo route will also be launched on July 18, making the carrier the only one to directly fly this route. 

“Travelers now have more freedom to choose an airline that is safe, reliable and seamless.  We are offering this free fare promo for everyone to get a chance to experience the joy of finding a travel partner that understands their needs and truly cares for them.” Ramos adds. 

Tiger Airways Philippines carries a distinguished regional brand that gives importance to safety and reliability, while offering the best value fare to travelers.  The airline operates Airbus A320 and A319, with wider leg rooms to give added comfort to its passengers.  

For more details, log on to or like us on Facebook at

Sometimes, the best things in life, are still, FREE.  

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gerry's Grill, SM City Bacoor

Everytime we go to SM Bacoor, Gerry's Grill is always on our "where-to-eat list".

Why? Of course, because of their food! We just love their food that we keep coming back. We were even joking about Gerry's Grill being our fave restaurant that when my boyfriend decided to finally propose, he'll do it there.

Interior and Ambiance:
            I love the laid-back feel of this restaurant. Also their "nature" theme. It makes you feel closer to nature. The restaurant is quite spacious too. There are also LED TV's on the wall for some entertainment. I should have given them five stars but I find their lighting a little bit dim.

         The staffs are very attentive. And very accommodating too. The food were served almost an hour after we ordered.

          Four and a half stars. I love their food. Really. But once, before, we ordered something we did not like that much. Anyway, our favorite is their "Sizzling Binagoongang Baboy". We always, no exaggeration, we really always order it. Plus, their food is really affordable. Their meals range from 190up and is already good for up to 3 persons.

Chicken Lollipop with Garlic-Mayo Dip - P185.00
Love the dip. Chicken were crunchy.
Bottomless Iced Tea
Bagoong Rice - P145.00
Must try!
Sizzling Binagoongang Baboy
The best!
What keeps us coming back. 
Their menu usually consists of Filipino food. They also have group meals, kiddie meals, and merienda value meals.

Go, give it a try the next time you dine out with your family or friends or even with your special someone.                                                                                   

Gerry's Grill
2055 2nd Level SM City Bacoor, Brgy. Habay 2, Bacoor 4102

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hashtag is now on Facebook

Facebook now officially supports hashtag. And it's now clickable.

for sure, hashtags will be everywhere

"Hastaggging" became popular on Twitter and Instagram.

(Based on Wikipedia) A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #. It is a form of metadata tag. Short messages on microblogging social networking services such as Twitter, Tout,, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ or now, Facebook may be tagged by putting "#" before important words, as in:
                Welcome to my #blog! :)

It is used by some users to "trend" a topic or word.

So, I guess, for those who really gets annoyed by people who overused this feature, better prepared yourself in seeing more status updates on facebook with unending hashtags. Seems like every word has a # symbol.

Remember, hashtag is for important words!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A New TIGER has Arrived!

A new Tiger has arrived - and it brings with it a promise of a great adventure, memorable experiences, and the excitement of a new journey.

Known as the leading and most trusted value-for-money carrier in Southeast Asia, Tiger Airways Philippines will make its formal debut in the skies beginning July 10.

“Tiger Airways is the leading airline and travel partner connecting people across Asia Pacific. It is a distinguished regional brand that differentiates itself in terms of safety and reliability,” says newly-appointed president and chief executive officer (CEO) Ms. Olive Ramos.

Committed to bringing its customers its brand of friendly, high-quality service, and excellent standards of security, Tiger Airways Philippines promises to make travel around Asia more enjoyable.

With the Philippines poised to become Asia’s next tiger economy, Tiger Airways anticipates more flights connecting the country to its Asian neighbors – and even beyond, in the coming years. “It’s a niche we are eager and equipped to serve,” adds Tiger Airways’ chief.

Currently, Tiger Airways flies to Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong from Manila and Clark. Locally, it serves travelers going to Laoag, Bacolod, Kalibo, Cebu, Iloilo Tacloban and Puerto Princesa.

Next month, Tiger Airways will add another feather to its cap when it marks a milestone - the Kalibo and Singapore route, the first and only airline to offer such route.

“We embrace the simple belief that travel is about bringing people closer to their dreams and about enabling great experiences, and memories,” adds Ramos.

The new Tiger Airways Philippines will offer great value and seamless experience. Together with the Filipino personnel’s warm and hospitable traits, the airline will be “the one to beat” in the coming years, she adds.

The birth of Tiger Airways Philippines brings along with it the technology and business savvy of Tiger Airways as it offers travelers greater accessibility to the rest of Southeast Asia. It does not only commit to high performance standards and innovation, it also confident about keeping its venture more sustainable for stakeholders.

Tiger Air embodies a ‘can-do’ and respectful spirit, according to Ramos. “We will continuously pursue for roaring excellence. We are going to be the airline of choice!”

Flights operated by Tiger Airways Philippines

For more details log on to

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Sickness

Monday sickness as defined by is when you wake up on a Monday morning and you really don't want to go to school/work that day so you don't.

In other words, Monday sickness is laziness, grumpiness, not wanting to wake up and being unproductive.

Oh no! Monday again?
 You're most prone to this sickness when you're just fresh from a summer vacation, a long-weekend vacation or just got back from a fun trip.

Personally, I've experienced it lot of times already.

So, how to fight this sickness? Here's what I usually do and might work for you too:
*Don't think about ALL the stuffs you need to do. Sometimes it will just make you feel lazier.
*Think of something inspiring.
*Listen to music
*Think of fun things you can do at work or at school like seeing your friends or even your crush! ;)
*Break your tasks into simpler goal.
*Weigh the pros and cons of not going to work or to school. Consequences such as note from your Boss for being absent, lower salary, your work will pile up, or missed quiz for school.

Have you also experienced this so-called Monday sickness?

Sunday, June 09, 2013

OOTD: Peplum with Studs

Yihaaa! Just got home from SM Bacoor. I did not shop, ok? We attended Sunday Mass. Yes! This is where we hear mass every Sunday. Why? Aside from the airconditioned place, joke. Honestly, it's because the priest who officiate the mass at SM Bacoor is none other than Fr. Joey Ayala Faller.

Fr. Joey is a gifted and well-known healing priest. He is also the one who founded "Kamay ni Hesus" in Lucban, Quezon.

Kamay Ni Hesus
And here's my OOTD. :)

Peplum plus Studs = Love
Cute bracelet I bought from Divisoria ;)

Peplum Top - PURCHASED it from 'D Lil Stuff Shoppe
White pants - from my Mom

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