Monday, June 10, 2013


Monday Sickness

Monday sickness as defined by is when you wake up on a Monday morning and you really don't want to go to school/work that day so you don't.

In other words, Monday sickness is laziness, grumpiness, not wanting to wake up and being unproductive.

Oh no! Monday again?
 You're most prone to this sickness when you're just fresh from a summer vacation, a long-weekend vacation or just got back from a fun trip.

Personally, I've experienced it lot of times already.

So, how to fight this sickness? Here's what I usually do and might work for you too:
*Don't think about ALL the stuffs you need to do. Sometimes it will just make you feel lazier.
*Think of something inspiring.
*Listen to music
*Think of fun things you can do at work or at school like seeing your friends or even your crush! ;)
*Break your tasks into simpler goal.
*Weigh the pros and cons of not going to work or to school. Consequences such as note from your Boss for being absent, lower salary, your work will pile up, or missed quiz for school.

Have you also experienced this so-called Monday sickness?

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  1. My boyfriend has this sickness every friday when he has to go back to work ,lol.


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