Sunday, August 24, 2014

Entourage: Little Men

Happy Sunday everyone. :)

Our bearers will be my younger brother who is not really that young anymore because he is already 12 years old but we don't have any young boy on my side and even on Lee's side(aside from his cousin) so no choice (haha!) and Lee's 3y/o(I think!) cousin.

My brother will be the Bible bearer and Lee's cousin will be the arrhae/coin bearer. We did not have a ring bearer anymore because aside from the fact that we are in short of young boys on our family, we also have decided that it is more safe if we will let the best-man hold our rings.

So here's what the two little men will wear on our wedding day:
White long sleeves, black slacks, black shoes, suspenders and bow tie
Cute, eh?thumbs up

 We will just make them wear bow ties that of the same color with the flower girls' sash. And I will still discuss with Lee if they will roll up their sleeves or not. happy

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Entourage: Flower Girls' Dress

As of  today, we have 3 flower girls already. Althea, my 3-y.o niece, and then my 5-y.o cousin. Anyway, the more, the merrier! happy

It's also fine with me and Rolly since they will be shouldering their dress and shoes. And what I love the most, it is totally fine with the girls' parents.

Here's the design of their dress:
Floor-length and V-back
And to make sure that the dresses will be uniformed in terms of shades and fabric, we will provide them the fabric. Dalawa na nga lang sila (Althea will be wearing a different design) tapos iba-iba pa ng shades and tela. tongue

I will also ask the parents to make the girls wear a silver closed/doll shoes since Lee and I think it's the best shoes that will go with the dress.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

100-day Countdown to Forever

Yes! It's 100 days till our wedding day. I'm excited and at the same time panicky. I think we still have a lot of things to do. I'm worried that there might be a detail we will forget.

Anyway, to start off our countdown. Here's our church and reception venue:

We will be getting married at OUR LADY OF FATIMA PARISH in Binakayan, Kawit. As I said before, our original plan was just to have a civil wedding. But upon seeing this church, I opened to Lee the idea of having a church wedding. After discussing the pros and cons and after seeing the church and its altar, he eventually gave in to my idea of a church wedding. happy

Reception/Preparation Venue: SOPHIA'S PLACE
This is our first and only choice for a reception venue. Why? First, because it is near the church. Second, my step-dad know the owner so we can get a discount. Third, the venue has a mini house which can double as a preparation venue. Fourth, the rental fee is very reasonable. Fifth, it is not that big nor that small. It can occupy our guests without the feeling of being too crowded or too big/spacious. Sixth, there is a swinging chair on the venue's mini garden, there is also a mini gazebo and a fountain that goes well with our wedding theme, RUSTIC CHIC. The pros are just endless and there is no any con we can think of.happy

photo grabbed from Sophia's Place Facebook page
#100daystogo  happy

Saturday, August 02, 2014


Since the Church package does not include flowers for the aisle and altar, we need to find a florist na swak sa budget namin.

Our original plan was to look for a florist in Dangwa. But we have no time to go there and scout for a florist. Another thing, if we will get our florist from there, they might charge us an OOT fee. I'm also afraid that they will be late or worst, they will not show on our wedding day. que horror! 

So considering those factors, we decided to just look for a florist near our place.

1st florist:
Our Church recommended this florist.

After the 2nd day of our pre-wedding seminar, we went to the flower shop since it's on our way home. The owner was not there and the katiwala don't know the prices and packages they offer. What he did was he called the owner and we talked about their packages over the phone. Ok na sana. We were about to get them na sana as our florist. Ang kaso, while talking with the owner over the phone, I asked her if how much and how many months before the wedding should we pay the downpayment. She said, "kahit 2 months before the wedding po. Just write down your name, church, date, contact number on our logbook to reserve your date." I said,"ok po." So I wrote what she said on their logbook. Then after a few minutes, she called again and talked with her katiwala. Once the call was ended, the katiwala said, "Ma'am kahit magdownpayment daw po kayo ng 1k." I was shocked since the owner already said na kahit hindi pa ngayon mag-downpayment. Eh wala kaming dalang pera since the plan was just to inquire. So I told the katiwala na sabi ng amo nya is ok lang na wag daw muna kaming mag-downpayment since malayo-layo pa naman ang kasal. So he called again his amo. The he handed the phone to us para makausap si amo. I told the owner na ang unang sabi nya is kahit wala munang downpayment. Then she insisted na mag-downpayment kami ng 1k just to reserve the date. I said wala kaming dalang extra. And to my surprised, she said, "sige ma'am. Kahit idaan nyo na lang yung 1k sa isang araw." Lee and I was pissed off. Ang pangit ng dating sa amin ng sinabi nya. Paulit-ulit pa sya ng tanong kung bakit daw church lang ang kukunin namin and walang ento. So we said na lang sa katiwala na we will come back kapag nakapagdecide na kami since our purpose lang naman talaga is to inquire and we are clear about that pag-tapak na pag-tapak pa lang namin sa shop nila.

2nd florist:
After with the first florist, we went to another florist na on the way lang din. The owner was not there but the katiwala is really nice. I asked her about their packages. She said she did not know their price for a church-only flower arrangement. She gave me their calling card and told me to text the owner and asked about the packages. Before we left the shop, she even said."ma'am dito na po kayo sa amin magpa-ayos, mura na, maganda pa." I smiled at her because the way she said that is way, way better than the owner of the first shop we visited.

Moving on, I texted the owner and ask him about their packages. They offered the lowest package so far and they are accreditted/recommended by a lot of church in our area and also by one of the hotel here in Cavite. I also learned from the internet that the owner is a Kagawad before and a priest/pastor(not sure which one), a coordinator, and also an emcee. And also, the floral shop was in the business since 1996.

Lee and I decided to get the 2nd florist. We will arrange a meeting with him to know more about his packages and flowers they will use. I'm also thinking to get him as our reception host/emcee. happy

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