Sunday, August 24, 2014


Entourage: Little Men

Happy Sunday everyone. :)

Our bearers will be my younger brother who is not really that young anymore because he is already 12 years old but we don't have any young boy on my side and even on Lee's side(aside from his cousin) so no choice (haha!) and Lee's 3y/o(I think!) cousin.

My brother will be the Bible bearer and Lee's cousin will be the arrhae/coin bearer. We did not have a ring bearer anymore because aside from the fact that we are in short of young boys on our family, we also have decided that it is more safe if we will let the best-man hold our rings.

So here's what the two little men will wear on our wedding day:
White long sleeves, black slacks, black shoes, suspenders and bow tie
Cute, eh?thumbs up

 We will just make them wear bow ties that of the same color with the flower girls' sash. And I will still discuss with Lee if they will roll up their sleeves or not. happy

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