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Human Heart Nature: THERE CAN BE MIRACLES! :)

Today, I chose to make a review about HUMAN HEART NATURE products that I have been using since last year.

I became an ALL-ORGANIC advocate when it comes to beauty products when I saw an articles about PARABENS and all other harmful chemicals than can cause skin irritations, premature aging and breast cancer risk.

I started surfing the net and found HUMAN HEART NATURE. Most organic products are a bit pricey but HHN offers wide arrange of products at affordable prices.

So, what I have with me are:

  • Human Heart Nature 100% NATURAL SUNFLOWER BEAUTY OIL

50ml = P129.75
100ml = 249.75

 - According to its label, it can helps lighten dark undereye circles, dark spots and pimple marks, minimize stretchmarks, lighten underarms, adds shine to dull hair, moisturizes the face and body and MORE!

And true to its words, it is indeed a MIRACLE OIL! :) I use it for my pimples, and it easily dries and leave no pimple marks at all, for my hair during those of my bad hair days, my underarm just before I go to sleep. I also use it for my daughter's insect bites and wounds. :)

50ml = P149.75
100ml = P259.75

What I like about this product is it has 15 vitamins and minerals in it. Unlike other moisturizers, this products is very lightweight, non-greasy and does not have strong scent. If you have an oily skin, you can still use this product. Trust me, it is not oily at all for I also have an oily skin. It will really make your skin soft and subtle. the only downside with this is since it is all natural, it does not SPF with it. But then, I still love this product!

50ml = P149.75
100ml = 259.75
This night moisturizer is not your any ordinary moisturizer at all. It has plant collagen that according to its label, infuses with skin and help stimulates cells regeneration. Like the day moisturizer, it is also very lightweight and non-greasy. And I super love its smell. You can also use this if you have sensitive skin or oily skin.

Put this after you have cleansed your face before going to sleep and you will definitely wake up with a refreshed healthy glow! It works its magic while you sleep. I can't resist touching my face everytime I wake up (no joke. super soft and subtle ng skin).  :)


So, Go. Give it a try. You're not just doing your skin a favor but you're also supporting our local products.

Yeah, all of Human Heart Nature Products are not just 100% organic but also 100% Philippine made. :)

For Keeps <3

  • At night, after cleansing your face, put the night moisturizer.
  • After few minutes, apply the sunflower oil. You can apply it to your whole face or just on those parts where you have pimple or marks. You can also use the oil for your elbow, knees, underarms, stretchmarks, hair and dry lips.( It is super versatile, you can use it anywhere in your body.)
  • At day, after cleansing your face, apply the day moisturizer.
These are all 100% organic, so the shelf-life of these products are relatively short unlike those other moisturizers sold in the market.

WHERE TO BUY: You can avail this products through
  • DEALERS - you can see in their website the complete list of their dealers and their respective address and contact numbers
  • BEAUTY BAR. Human Heart Nature products are available in all Beauty Bar outlets. Though, the selection is very limited.


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