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Summer Fun at Puerto Galera

Summer Fun '13 @ Puerto Galera

For our summer escapade this year, hubby and I planned to have an overnight stay @ White Beach, Puerto Galera. Of course, our 4 year-old daughter was with us.

Here's our itinerary and some expenses we incurred during our trip. :)

Day 1

3:00 am- We left Cavite( Nag-taxi kami from our house sa Bacoor hanggang sa terminal ng JAM sa LRT-Buendia)

4:00 am - Off to Batangas Pier. Bus fare from Buendia to Batangas is 166.30 pesos each.

6:00 am- We reached Batangas Pier. We head off directly to Terminal 3 to pay for our round-trip ticket. A round trip ticket costs 500 each. You also have to pay the terminal fee and environmental fee. There are 3 fast crafts you can choose from: Minolo Shipping Lines, Father and Sons Lines and... I forgot the other one. Hehe.

We chose Minolo Shipping Lines. Yun daw pinaka-OK based sa mga forums na nabasa ko. Which is true naman, mabilis and malaki and bago. ^_^

Note: If you bring toddlers with you, you are only require to pay the environmental fee, the rest are free. Mas makakamura din if you'll get a roundtrip ticket.

7:30 am - We left the Port. Ang aga namin pero naiwan kami nung 5:45 na trip I guess. Kaya nagintay pa kami ng till 7:30. Anyway, comfortable naman sa loob ng terminal. :)

Golden Hawk

Around 9:00 am- Unluckily, the fast craft dropped us on Muelle and not directly to White Beach. From there, there are Minolo shuttles (free) that brought us to White Beach.

9:30 am- We reached White Beach. We went first to the ticket booth of Minolo to confirm our return trip. 

We then went to Buena Lynne's where we reserved a month earlier an A/C Room which costs 1,500 pesos for an overnight stay.

We were very disappointed with this resort. 

First, if you leave the room, the A/C will automatically shut down because the plug is attached with the door keys. 

Second, the A/C is not working properly. We were in the room for hours yet the temperature is still so hot, we were even sweating. So hubby asked the caretaker if they can transfer us to another room. Good thing, they allowed us to transfer and this time, we were able to remove the keys from the plug so we can leave the A/C on even if we're outside. Hahaha!

Anyway, maraming resort sa White Beach na pwede mong pagpilian. Pagbaba mo pa lang ng fast craft, marami ng lalapit sayo and magaalok ng room. :)

Brunch - 250 pesos. Good for 2. Includes Sinigang, Liempo, Talong with Ensalada and 2 sakto coke. (The food is so-so.)

Fun under the Sun
After few hours, we decided to went back to our resort since the sun is already scorching hot.

We doze off since we woke up so early that day and also had so much fun at the beach. We woke up at around 3pm and decided to get some food. 10am pa yung last naming kain! :p

Merienda - Waffle with egg and bacon @ Food Trip sa Galera- around 100 each (2 thumbs up! :) )
                   Fruit Shake - 60 pesos each

Cravings Satisfied!
After we ate, we headed back to the beach.

Father and Daughter Bonding
Beautiful Sunset
Dinner - We ate at Hiyas Angeline Bar. The food is great! Try their Fillet Mignon, it's superb! The service is also superb! Super bait nung gay na nag-asikaso samin.

By the way, at dinner, almost lahat ng restaurants, may mga tinda na na ihaw-ihaw like pork bbq, chicken bbq, squid, talong. Nakakatuwa kasi lahat ng restaurant, parepareho ng tinda, even yung itsura ng bbq stick they use. :)

Great Food, Great Service!
Heading back to the resort, we saw these fire dancers.  Nakakainis lang, I find the gays na nagseserve sa resto na may mga firedancers na yan na super rude!
Day 2

Breakfast - Food Trip sa Galera.  We had honey-cured Chicken wings, Salted eggs with Tomatoes, Sisig and UNLIMITED garlic rice for 175 I guess, nakalimutan ko na, basta around 150-175 pesos.  The food was really great but the service is so frustrating. 

The servers are not attentive. Kuwetuhan ng kwentuhan and pag nakita nila na parang rich yung guest, super entertain sila sa mga yun to the point na hindi na nila inaasikaso yung iba.

After breakfast, balik na ulit kami sa beach.

Hubby and I went for a massage. Back massage for 30minutes costs 100 pesos. Pwede na. actually nung first day namin, ang sarap nung pagkakamasahe samin, kaya lang this day, masyadong hard. Depende din talaga siguro kung sino magmamasahe sayo. If whole body, 200 pesos. They also offer na i-braid yung buhok for 100-200 pesos.

We weren't able to try the different activities since we have our daughter with us. Some of the locals are offering to watch over our child as we go para-sailing but I don't want to have my daughter's safety at stake. 

Fun! Fun! Fun!
Lunch- Pacific Divers. I find the meals a bit over price. The food were all bland. Super mahal tapos wala namang lasa. Sayang.

250/meal. Overpriced!
We bought some shirts as a remembrance of our trip. :)
  • White shirt w/ print - 100 pesos
  • Black shirt w/ print - 120 pesos
  • Kid's size - 80 pesos
12:45 - Our scheduled trip back to Batangas Pier. Unfortunately, the fast craft was ONE HOUR late!

Yung Minolo lang yung parang may waiting shade for their passangers habang nagaantay ng fast craft. Kaya lang, uupo ka sa buhangin, though may mga karton na pwede mong upuan.

Bye Puerto Galera :(
3:00 - We finally reached Batangas Pier. From here, we rode Ceres Bus going to Alabang.

Happiness! :)
All in all, it was a great experience and a memorable trip since I was able to spend it with my Honey and Thea. :)

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  1. I'll take note of the Minolo Shipping Lines, I had a scary boat ride the last time I went to Puerto Galera which is 7 yrs ago ...

    1. aw. what shipping line did you use back then sis? that's my concern too before, my daughter might get scared by the fast craft and will never ride those again. buti na lang, nag-enjoy sya. :)

  2. We stayed in a simple house when we visited Puerto Galera a few years ago and fortunately we never had problems with the aircon. Aside from the beach, we were also able to visit Takurong and Tamaraw Falls around the area.

    1. aw. we didn't get to visit the other spots. we have our daughter with us kasi. pero hopefully next time, mapuntahan namin yung tamaraw falls. :)

  3. While some of my friends have visited Puerto Galera a couple of times, I have yet to visit the place. I hope I could soon.

  4. My friends in Manila invited me there unfortunately d ako nakasabay... sayang.. ganda pala talaga ng Puerto Galera.

  5. The last time I visited Puerto Galera was back in 2008. I was already disappointed as to how the shoreline was getting much nearer to the beachfront resorts. It wasn't as inviting for me nor was the service and food of some of the resto's there any good, especially the one by Buena Lynn's. But at least, you still got some beach time. It's nice to see that the beach still looks trash-less. :)

  6. I have friends in Puerto G, kaya libre kami sa board if nagpupunta kami riyan. BTW , may buses naman coming from alabang going to the place. Malayo ata ang Buendia.

  7. I've been to different beaches in the Philippines but I have yet to go to Puerto Galera haha. Despite its nearness to the city I haven't made the time to drop by.
    - Wanderer Juan

  8. Your experience in Puerto Galera is a day to remember although you got some unpleasant accommodation and rude acquaintance with the gay servers. Just having your hubby and daughter enjoyed the beach is priceless.

  9. The food looks very sumptuous! Sadly, hindi pa ko nakakapunta dyan. How I wish I can find time to bring my family with me in Puerto Galera or in Palawan. Thanks for sharing experiences:)

  10. this place is on my bucket list.. hope to be there

  11. I'll bookmark your post- thanks for the itinerary. Ganda ng beach at malapit lang sa Manila :)

  12. I want to go to Puerto Galera too! Thanks for posting every detail of your awesome trip! =)

  13. i wanna go puerto galera too! i haven't to any places around philippines!! hope to travel there around!

  14. I've done this trip countless times..
    personally, I don't find the waiters rude, your probably just not used to their demeanors.
    Improvements had all been done continously, and I have to say it was a good thing you requested for a change of rooms.
    You are paying for the accomodations to have a descent AC anyway.
    Either of these boat services are good enough..
    I don't have a preference, as I had ridden to all these boat lines..
    There round of work is almost the same.
    I was there 2 weeks ago, ridding Minolo, as always, it was fun..
    Partied all night, fire dancers had improved with their skills, the gay performers still wowed the crowd.
    I'd like to go back again, but on weekdays when the beach is tranquill, and one can enjoy the sun, have a massage and walk on the beach with beer in hand.

  15. Food plus beach plus fire dance, this is so perfect for a summer getaway. Anyway, I think it's practical that AC should shut down automatically once the door is locked. Some hotels in the Philippines are doing the same thing.

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