Sunday, June 22, 2014


The Entourage

Principal Sponsors
Our Principal Sponsors will be (almost) all of our married titos and titas. :)

Maid Of Honor - Reve Angelie Neri
She's my best-friend way back in 2nd year highschool. We haven't seen each other for a long time but I'm just super sentimental that I asked her to be my maid of honor. We are like sisters back then. Hindi kami mapaghiwalay! haha. Anyway, asking her to be my maid of honor was "suntok sa buwan" but I am surprised and thrilled that she answered me with a YES. :)

Best Man - Melvin Clark Ignacio
He is Lee's bestfriend since elementary(or highschool?) days ata nila. He's living in Canada right now. Kaya naman mega teary-eyed sya when Melvin said yes. He didn't expect that Melvin will come home to the Philippines just to attend our wedding. :)

Bridesmaid/Candle Sponsor - Jinky Joy Misajon

She's my college friend. Actually, all of my bridesmaids are my college friends. We even have a group, 7 wonders! haha!

Bridesmaid/Veil Sponsor - Josephine Bulacja
A college friend too. :)

PS. ang hirap po humanap ng solo picture nya. laughing

Bridesmaid/Cord Sponsor - Germaine Sarah Balagot
Another college friend. She's from Imus. Kaya before, lagi kaming sabay umuwi. at never kaming naubusan ng kwento while nasa byahe. hahaha!

I'll post next time the groomsmen. :)

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