Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Wedding Ring Supplier: First Meeting

Last June 23, Monday, we met with Tita Lyn, our wedding ring supplier.

We met at Red Ribbon, MOA around 4:30 in the afternoon. She was with his husband and I can say, that they are both really nice. As in super nice.

She has a sample ring with her. Not a sample ring really because it is the actual ring of one of their customer.

Anyway, I inspected the ring and I'm impressed with the craftsmanship. They are one of those who offer the lowest price in the jewelry making industry and I'm glad that quality was not sacrificed. It is even at par with those rings you can buy at jewelry shops inside the mall.

After that, Tita Lyn took our ring size. Then we discussed with her the design we want. Lee and I kinda have different opinions regarding the "look", he wants matte, I want it to be shiny. But after some discussions, we both come to terms. And I wont tell you who won. Hahaha! tongue

Then we also discussed some other details, like the diamonds, the karat, and the freebies!

We paid our downpayment and agreed to meet again, instead of having it shipped, to get the final product around July.

Side story, they are kinda late ng 15 minutes I think, kaya she gave us discount. Hehe. And she also bought a pack of pulboron for Althea and spaghetti. She also gave us some advice which we really appreciate.happy

Wedding Ring Inspiration
Which is which? :)

So as you can see(or maybe guess?), our wedding ring is two-tone. And oh! It has diamonds!

Lee and I are REALLY both excited. As in super duper excited to see the final output. Thinking about it makes us kilig. Actually, a big chunk of our wedding budget went to our wedding ring. I even tell Lee that maybe we can just buy silver rings or titanium rings to make tipid. But he really wants to get a nice ring. I'm happy we did not push through with my idea. winking

And I'm also proud with my fiance. He worked his a** off for that ring, and also for this wedding. happy

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