Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Meet Our New Baby: Canon EOS 1100D

Say hi to our family's new baby, Canon EOS 1100D.
Canon EOS 1100D

We bought this last July 21, 2013 at SM Bacoor. Original price for this package is more or less 23, 000 pesos. We purchased it in cash so we got a discount.

It's been years since we purchased a digital camera and it has also been years since the last time we get to use it. Why? Simply because it's not working anymore. Haha. So, to cut the story short, after 2 years or so, finally, we already have a new camera. big grin

Inside the box:

Inside the box:
CD's, charger, USB cord, Cap for lens and body

Included in the package:
Camera Bag
Transcend 8GB Memory Card

A 3-year Canon warranty is also included.

Sample Shots:

Where the path may lead you...

"A real man loves another man's child as he would his own."
Thea took this picture. smug
My thoughts on this product:
          I chose Canon over Nikon because everyone says Canon is easier to use. True to their words, Canon is very easy to use. For new users or beginners like me, automatic mode and other predefined modes/settings are already available. For those who are already a "pro", manual and other manual modes/settings are also available and very easy to access. Quality of pictures are also very impressive. I love also the fact that aside from taking pictures, we can also shoot a video from it. 

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  1. Nice review. It's try canon is good for beginners. Keep it up!

    By the way, I'm having a giveaway. I'm inviting you to join


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