Saturday, August 03, 2013


OOTD: Cozy Cardigan

How are you? Me? Oh,I'm fine. Thank you.wave

Anyway, I'm doing this blog while making my assignments. I'm a Gemini. So I'm a multitaskerlaughing

The weather these past few days is really erratic. You woke up with the rays of sun in your face then after a few hours, it's raining very hard outside. Weird, right? That's why we should always bring an umbrella with us wherever we go. And for me, I also bring a cardigan every time I go out especially when I go to school.

Cardigan is a must-have for me since I can't stand to be in an airconditioned room for a long period of time. Ginawin kasi ako. We have airconditioned classrooms and sometimes, on my way home, it will rain.

Cardigans will keep you cozy and at the same time, stylish.

And I'm going to show you my recent purchase, a very cute cardigan!happy

A cozy Cardigan will keep you warm and at the same time stylish.
Pink ribbon gives the cardigan that dainty look.

Now, here is my full OOTD:
Boho tops are very in right now.
You can wear it as is for a girls' night-out or pair it with a cardigan for a casual look.

Keeping it Casual
Enough of that. I'll focus now with my assignments. Teehee. studying
Keep warm and safe everyone!kiss

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