Sunday, August 18, 2013


NOTW: Sassy Colors in Iced Mocha

Here's my very first "nail-polish-of-the-week" post. :)
Sassy Colors in Iced Mocha
Sassy colors offers a super wide range of nail polish colors. They also have nail polish in matte, frosted, and their new product, the magnetic nail polish. What I also like about this product is it is very affordable (price starts at 16pesos) and you can easily find it, even convenience stores sell them. :)

Anything in the shade of Violet makes me happy. :)
I love the color especially because it is in the shade of violet. 
It has tiny glitters that makes your nail shimmer under the sun or light. 
Over-all, it's my new fave nail polish color. :)

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