Monday, August 19, 2013


Sugar Kids Shoes for your Little Ones' Feet

I have a four-year old daughter and dressing her-up is one of my joys.winking

I usually buy strappy sandals for her, but recently I decided to buy some doll shoes for her. Doll shoes are very versatile, you can wear it with shorts, pants and even with dress.

And here's what I bought for her:
Sugar Kids Shoes
 These are from Sugar Kids. You can get two doll shoes for your daughter for only 349.99 pesos. Each pair costs 199pesos so you get to save 50pesos.

For your Little Star
Aztec prints are for little girls too!
What I love about Sugar Kids Shoes:

  • They are very affordable but durable. (Even the regular-priced shoes are affordable.)
  • Comfy and very stylish! My daughter loves them. :)
  • Comes in different designs/prints and colors.
  • Plus, they also have shoes for your little boys!
Where to buy:
  • SM Department Stores

Sugar Kids Shoes


  1. I bought two pairs for my little girl too :) tipid di ba.. I got two pink pairs for her, the other same with the one you got.. kaya lang ang problem ko with this shoes, dumuhin and I don't know kung pede sya labhan..

    1. hi! what I do is I use an old toothbrush to brush the shoes or the part where there is dirt. It's kinda hard to explain. hehe.

      I brush first the toothbrush on a bar soap then syaka ko ibabrush sa shoes. To rinse naman, I'll just rinse the toothbrush with water to remove the soap then syaka ko ibabrush sa shoes ulit. actually, if u'll use minimal soap, you don't have to rinse it na. it works for me. :)

      Hope it helps. :)

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